I am currently engaged in two separate bodies of work; the Flight series and the Ornamentality series.

The Flight series has been inspired and informed by all aspects of flight, from man-made to avian. I am expressly interested in our earliest attempts at aviation. These mercurial machines ranged from forms that were elegantly designed to those that were destined to never leave the ground. Much of the work that I have made in this series has combined aspects of these historical contraptions with forms from contemporary aeronautics, particularly turbine engines.

The brooches that make up the Ornamentality series came about through recent visits to some of my favorite museums whose collections range from decorative arts to science and industry. I am attracted to a wide range of objects in these collections from the utilitarian to the purely decorative, all made before 1900. Whether a steam engine, sewing machine, manhole cover, or watch case, the commonality is that their surface design has been aesthetically and carefully considered. I lament that this concept does not often exist in our mass produced, plastic, throw away society. Each piece in this series provides a window in which to call attention to and celebrate these designs.

Much of my previous work was influenced by Gaston Bachelard’s The Poetics of Space. Objects in this series dealt with the container format, interior and exterior issues, industrial architecture, and made use of perspective to visually draw the viewer into the piece to explore the oneiric space within.